Virtual Boyfriend Maker

Finding the perfect man has never been easier. After bringing home a constant string of the wrong men, who could blame you for seeking out a virtual boyfriend? A virtual boyfriend will never sleep with your sister or punch your dad or even get drunk at your office Christmas party. All he will do is be there for you when you need him to and he will treat you right. Simply allow your own imagination to take you away and be as creative and fun as you like.

Virtual boyfriend maker options range from full computer programs that can truly interact with you to a single image on a website representing an imagined boyfriend.

How do you make your own sweetheart? Simply find a site and/or program that allows you to make a virtual boyfriend to your exact desired specifications. Select the sex of your sweetheart, decide if he will be clean cut, geeky, wild, or chill; you determine his attitude. And then choose his clothing and hair style to your likings. From there, you can give your new boy a name and decide on his interests. The final step is usually to fill out a form about your interests. This provides conversation fodder for you and your virtual boyfriend. He will now appear on-screen. When you make a virtual boyfriend be sure to choose a program that gives you more than just another chat bot.